Coaching & Workshops


Do you need a buddy to check in with about your current project? Are you stuck, and unsure about your next project or how to find the time to write it? Would you like to be held accountable for writing goals? Do you have questions about the writing process or the path to publishing?

I work with writers of all skill levels in both fiction and nonfiction. For $125, I offer a four-week motivational package that includes:

  • Weekly 30-minute conversations (phone preferred, or Zoom)
  • Email and text support and chat between weekly calls
  • Motivation, encouragement, goal-setting, and accountability 
  • Story, plot, and character discussions
    • This isn’t writing feedback. Instead, we’ll talk about the details of your WIP- plot, characters, setting, tension and climax, and other elements.
  • Discuss publishing goals: literary journals, self-publishing, small press, finding an agent
  • Discuss future writing projects 
  • How to find paid freelance writing gigs: writing killer pitches, building your portfolio, etc.

Please use the contact form below if you’re interested in motivational coaching or a publishing workshop.

Workshop How to Publsih Your Work

Have you considered publishing your work in literary journals but don’t know where to start? Do you wonder if your work is even good enough to be published? 

In this comprehensive, interactive two-hour online workshop, you’ll learn the essentials:

  • Knowing when your work is ready to submit
  • Finding and researching journals
  • Writing cover letters
  • Crafting your author’s bio and what to do when you don’t yet have one
  • Navigating Submittable 
  • Tracking and organizing your submissions
  • Strategies for submitting
  • Vocabulary to help you represent yourself as a pro
  • “Literary Twitter”

Attend with a notebook and a pen. You’ll come away with a robust reference document, ongoing email support, and a list of almost 300 journals in various tiers. After the workshop, you’ll have the tools necessary to begin submitting your work to journals ranging from approachable to top-tier.

Individual and group sessions available. 

Testimonials about my publishing workshop:

“That workshop last night was amazing! It would be a deal at three times the price. I can’t thank you enough for being willing to share all that you’ve learned. You have shined a light into the black box. No, more than that. You have shown us where the black box is and how to open it, then shined a light into every corner of it!” -Elizabeth K.

“Thank you again for the class and the resources. You covered so much ground. It was phenomenal! I’m telling you, from my consultant perspective – you are not charging enough for that training!!” -Anita B.

“Thanks so much for the extremely helpful and encouraging webinar this evening. You gave me much good advice and many good tools to use going forward in this trade!” -Deryl D.

“Thank you for hosting the workshop this past week. I felt like I was in a college-level course. I appreciate you for arming us with a wealth of information and sharing honestly about your personal experiences. As an emerging writer, there’s much I need to know about the technicalities and best practices, but it’s the addition of your personal story that made all the difference.” – Mannie T.