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TJ Butler divides her time between a sailboat and a tiny house where she writes fiction and essays that are not all fun and games. She coaches writers and teaches workshops on how to get published in literary journals, and she has a BA in Organizational Management. A Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominee, her work appears in various literary journals. She occasionally contributes to Tiny House Magazine.

TJ is a cheese enthusiast. She was crowned Miss Virginia Beach in a shopping mall pageant when she was three, and she was one of those kids who said they wanted to be a writer when they grow up. She’s worked in a variety of jobs, from dishwasher to magician’s assistant to office worker bee. She was a cat person until she was a dog person, and she once ate shark but found that it tasted too much like a predator.

She and her husband are both corporate dropouts. They have a puppersnapper named Sylvie, and they own a business that supports the arts.

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